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Self-propelled self-assembly robotic modules

Segregation in swarms of robots based on the Brazil nut effect

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Welcome to the web site of the Natural Robotics Lab (led by Dr. Roderich Groß, ACSE, The University of Sheffield).

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  • 2014-03: Wei's paper 'Coevolutionary Learning of Swarm Behaviors Without Metrics' will be presented at GECCO 2014
  • 2013-12: Our work on computation-free swarms has been accepted for publication in IJRR and AAMAS 2014
  • 2013-10: Sheffield Centre for Robotics has been awarded £1m of equipment in robotics (including a swarm of 800 robots)
  • 2013-10: Fernando, Kapellmann and Stefan join the lab as PhD students
  • 2013-09: Chris, Juan and Roderich visit the robotics laboratories at EPFL (photo showing Massimo Vespignani who kindly explained a robotic cat to Chris and Juan)
    EPFL visit
  • 2013-08: Roderich serves as an Associate Editor for ICRA 2014
  • 2013-07: Dr Juan Escalera joins the lab as a postdoc
  • 2013-06: Reuters reports about our work on swarm robotics, which is also featured on Der Spiegel

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