The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Alumni (past PhD students)
Melvin Gauci (PhD awarded Jan 2015; now with Harvard University)
Thesis: Swarm robotic systems with minimal information processing
Jianing Chen (PhD awarded Mar 2015; now with Manchester University)
Thesis: Cooperation in swarms of robots without communication
Wei Li (PhD awarded Mar 2015; now with University of York)
Thesis: Automated reverse engineering of agent behaviors
Fernando Perez-Diaz (PhD awarded Mar 2017; now with University of Birmingham)
Thesis: Firefly-inspired synchronization in swarms of mobile agents
Christopher Parrott (PhD awarded Mar 2017; now with EEE, University of Sheffield)
Thesis: A hybrid and extendable self-Reconfigurable modular robotic system
Yuri Kaszubowski Lopes (PhD awarded Mar 2017; now Assistant Professor, Federal University of Technology - Parana)
Thesis: Supervisory control theory for controlling swarm robotics systems
Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra (PhD awarded Feb 2018; now with breach, Norway)
Thesis: Human-swarm robot interaction with different awareness constraints
Leonardo Stella (PhD awarded Nov 2018; now Lecturer, University of Derby)
Thesis: Bio-inspired collective decision-making in game theoretic models and multi-agent systems
 Alumni (post-docs, project students and visitor selection)
Narmada Herath (Mappin Medal, BEng student, 2010/11; PhD MIT, now with MathWorks)
Michael Price (Royal Aeronautical Society Prize, MEng student, 2010/11, publications; now with MBDA)
Stephen Foster (BEng student, 2010/11, publications)
Pranay Agrawal (visiting graduate student, 2011; MsR CMU; now with Cruise Automation, San Francisco Bay Aera)
Alicja Wasik (SURE scheme scholar, 2011/12; now with EPFL)
Runxiao Ding (BEng student, 2011/12, publications; PhD Loughborough University, now with Jaguar Land Rover)
Zheng Lin (BEng student, 2011/12; Co-Founder/CEO of Intelligent Robots LTD)
Andrew Hills (post-doc in 2012; now research fellow, University of Sheffield)
Juan A Escalera (post-doc from 2013-2014; now assistant professor at Charles III University of Madrid)
Toshiyuki Yasuda (visiting lecturer, 2011/12 and 2013/14)
Nicole Salomons (academic research visitor, 2016/17, publications; now with Yale University)
Salomè Bonnet (academic research visitor, 2016/17, publications; now with Yespark, Paris)
Tomohiro Hayakawa (academic research visitor, 2017/18)
Federico Pratissoli (academic research visitor, 2018/19)
Roopika Ravikanna (N8 AgriFood, 2018/19)