The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Academic staff
Roderich Groß, PhD, SMIEEE
Senior Lecturer (associate professor)
 Academic research visitors
Roopika Ravikanna
AgriFood, swarm robotics
 PhD students
Matthew Doyle
self-reconfigurable robots, evolutionary robotics
Yue Gu
machine learning, Turing learning
Matt Hall
self-reconfigurable modular robots
João Vasco Marques
self-reconfigurable robots, underwater robotics
Anıl Özdemir
swarm robotics
Leonardo Stella
game theory
Stefan Trenkwalder
swarm robotics, distributed systems, embedded operating systems
Isaac Vandermeulen
distributed robotics, planning
jointly supervised with Andreas Kolling (iRobot, Pasadena, CA)
 PhD students as co-supervisor
Jonathan Glancy (publications, main supervisor: Dr Stuart Wilson)
Luana Nunes (main supervisor: Prof Kevin Gurney)
Melvin Gauci (PhD awarded Jan 2015, now postdoc at Harvard University)
Thesis: Swarm robotic systems with minimal information processing
Jianing Chen (PhD awarded Mar 2015, now postdoc at Manchester University)
Thesis: Cooperation in swarms of robots without communication
Wei Li (PhD awarded Mar 2015, now postdoc at University of York)
Thesis: Automated reverse engineering of agent behaviors
Fernando Perez-Diaz (PhD awarded Mar 2017, now IT position, University of Birmingham)
Thesis: Firefly-inspired synchronization in swarms of mobile agents
Christopher Parrott (PhD awarded Mar 2017, now post-doc at University of Sheffield)
Thesis: A hybrid and extendable self-Reconfigurable modular robotic system
Yuri Kaszubowski Lopes (PhD awarded Mar 2017, now post-doc at University of Sheffield)
Thesis: Supervisory control theory for controlling swarm robotics systems
Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra (PhD awarded Feb 2018, now post-doc at University of Sheffield)
Thesis: Human-swarm robot interaction with different awareness constraints
Juan A Escalera (Postdoc from 2013 - 2014, now Postdoc, Charles III University of Madrid)
Project: EvoBots - From Intelligent Building Blocks to Living Things (EPSRC)
Andrew Hills (Postdoc in 2012, now Research Associate, University of Sheffield)
Project: Unilever Industry Grant
Toshiyuki Yasuda (Visiting lecturer, 2011/12 and 2013/14)
Nicole Janny Salomons (Academic Research Visitor, 2016/17; publications)
Salomè Bonnet (Academic Research Visitor, 2016/17; publications)
Tomohiro Hayakawa (Academic Research Visitor, 2017/18)
Pranay Agrawal (Visiting Graduate Student, 2011)
Stephen Foster (BEng student, 2010/11, publications)
Narmada Herath (Mappin Medal, The Sheffield Graduate Award, BEng student, 2010/11)
Michael Price (Royal Aeronautical Society Prize, MEng student, 2010/11, publications)
Runxiao Ding (BEng student, 2011/12, publications)
Zheng Lin (BEng student, 2011/12)
Alicja Wasik (SURE scheme scholar, 2011/12)