The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Fernando Perez-Diaz
 International journals
Perez-Diaz F., Zillmer R., Groß R.
Robustness of synchronization regimes in networks of mobile pulse-coupled oscillators
Physical Review Applied, 7, 054002, 2017
 Full papers presented at international conferences and workshops (peer-reviewed)
Doyle M., Xu X., Gu Y., Perez-Diaz F., Parrot C., Groß R.
Modular hydraulic propulsion: a robot that moves by routing fluid through itself
ICRA 2016, IEEE (2016) 5189-5196
Perez-Diaz F., Zillmer R. and Groß R.
Firefly-inspired synchronization in swarms of mobile agents
AAMAS 2015, IFAAMAS (2015) 279-286