The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Melvin Gauci
 International journals
Ozdemir A., Gauci M., Bonnet S., Groß R.
Finding Consensus Without Computation
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, in press
Li W., Gauci M., Groß R.
Turing learning: a metric-free approach to inferring behavior and its application to swarms
Swarm Intelligence, 10(3):211-243, 2016
Chen J., Gauci M., Li W., Kolling A., and Groß R.
Occlusion-based cooperative transport with a swarm of miniature mobile robots
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 31(2):307-321, 2015
Gauci M., Chen J., Li W., Dodd T.J., Groß R.
Self-Organised Aggregation without Computation
The International Journal of Robotics Research, 33(8):1145-1161, 2014
Gauci M., Dodd T.J., and Groß R.
Why 'GSA: A Gravitational Search Algorithm' Is Not Genuinely Based on the Law of Gravity
Natural Computing, 11(4):719-720, 2012
 Full papers orally presented at international conferences and workshops (peer-reviewed)
Groß R., Gu, Y., Li, W., Gauci, M.
Generalizing GANs: A Turing Perspective
NIPS 2017 (selected as 'spotlight' presentation)
Özdmir, A., Gauci, M., and Groß R.
Shepherding with robots that do not compute
ECAL 2017, MIT Press (2017) 332-339
Li W., Gauci M., and Groß R.
Coevolutionary Learning of Swarm Behaviors Without Metrics
GECCO 2014, ACM (2004) 201-208
Gauci M., Chen J., Li W., Dodd T.J., Groß R.
Clustering Objects with Robots That Do Not Compute
AAMAS 2014, IFAAMAS (2014) 421-428
Li W., Gauci M., and Groß R.
A Coevolutionary Approach to Learn Animal Behavior Through Controlled Interaction
GECCO 2013, ACM (2013) 223-230
Chen J., Gauci M., and Groß R.
A Strategy for Transporting Tall Objects with a Swarm of Miniature Mobile Robots
ICRA 2013, IEEE (2013) 863-869
Gauci M., Chen J., Dodd T.J., and Groß R.
Evolving Aggregation Behaviors in Multi-Robot Systems with Binary Sensors
DARS 2012, Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics 104, Springer (2014) 355-367
Chen J., Gauci M., Price M.J., and Groß R.
Segregation in Swarms of e-puck Robots Based On the Brazil Nut Effect,
AAMAS 2012, IFAAMAS (2012) 163-170

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