The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Wei Li
 International journals
Li W., Gauci M., Groß R.
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Self-Organised Aggregation without Computation
The International Journal of Robotics Research, 33(8):1145-1161, 2014
 Full papers orally presented at international conferences and workshops (peer-reviewed)
Groß R., Gu, Y., Li, W., Gauci, M.
Generalizing GANs: A Turing Perspective
NIPS 2017 (selected as 'spotlight' presentation)
Li W., Gauci M., and Groß R.
Coevolutionary Learning of Swarm Behaviors Without Metrics
GECCO 2014, ACM (2004) 201-208
Gauci M., Chen J., Li W., Dodd T.J., Groß R.
Clustering Objects with Robots That Do Not Compute
AAMAS 2014, IFAAMAS (2014) 421-428
Li W., Gauci M., and Groß R.
A Coevolutionary Approach to Learn Animal Behavior Through Controlled Interaction
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