The University of Sheffield Natural Robotics Lab
 Christopher Parrott
 Full papers presented at international conferences and workshops (peer-reviewed)
Parrott, P., Dodd, T.J. and R., Groß R.
HyMod: A 3-DOF hybrid mobile and self-reconfigurable modular robot and its extensions
DARS 2016, in press
Doyle M., Xu X., Gu Y., Perez-Diaz F., Parrot C., Groß R.
Modular hydraulic propulsion: a robot that moves by routing fluid through itself
ICRA 2016, IEEE (2016) 5189-5196
Parrott C., Dodd T.J., Groß R.
HiGen: A High-Speed Genderless Mechanical Connection Mechanism, with Single-Sided Disconnect, for Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robots
IROS 2014, IEEE (2014) 3926-3932

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