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 Stefan Trenkwalder
 International journals
Kaszubowski Lopes Y., Trenkwalder S.M., Bittencourt Leal A., Dodd T.J., Groß R.
Supervisory Control Theory Applied to Swarm Robotics
Swarm Intelligence, 10(1):65-97, 2016
 Full papers presented at international conferences and workshops (peer-reviewed)
Lopes, Y.K., Trenkwalder, S.M., Leal, A., Dodd, T.J., and Groß R.
Probabilistic Supervisory Control Theory (pSCT) Applied to Swarm Robotics
AAMAS 2017, IFAAMAS (2017) 1395-1403
Perez-Diaz, F., Trenkwalder S.M., Zillmer, Ruediger and R., Groß R.
Emergence and inhibition of synchronization in robot swarms
DARS 2016, in press
Trenkwalder S.M., Lopes, Y.K., Kolling, A., Christensen, A.L., Prodan, R., Groß R.
OpenSwarm: an event-driven embedded operating system for miniature robots
IROS 2016, IEEE (2016) 4483-4490

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