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HiGen: A High-Speed Genderless Mechanical Connection Mechanism with Single-Sided Disconnect for Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robots
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The practical effectiveness of modular robotic systems depends heavily on the connection mechanisms used to join their separate entities, particularly for those systems capable of self-reconfiguration. This work presents HiGen, a high-speed genderless mechanical connection mechanism for the docking of robotic modules. HiGen connectors can join with one another in a manner that allows either side to disconnect in the event of failure. During connection electrical contacts are mated, supporting the concurrent use of local and global communication protocols, as well as power sharing techniques. Rapid actuation of the mechanism allows connections to be made and broken at a speed that is, to our knowledge, an order of magnitude faster than existing mechanical genderless approaches that feature single-sided disconnect, benefiting the reconfiguration time of modular robots. The HiGen connector is intended for future work in modular robotics, but could also see use in other areas of robotics for tool and payload attachment.

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