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HyMod: A 3-DOF Hybrid Mobile and Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot and its Extensions
Christopher Parrott, Tony J. Dodd and Roderich Groß
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This paper presents an overview of HyMod, a hybrid modular robot, and its extensions. Each HyMod unit features four connectors and three rotational degrees of freedom, enabling it to move independently and group with other units to form arbitrary cubic lattice structures. The design is built around the high-speed genderless (HiGen) connector, allowing for single-sided disconnect and enabling units to rotate freely in place within a lattice position. An analysis of HyMod is presented, as well as details of the mechanics and electronics of the module. To augment the capabilities of the HyMod system, a number of extensions are introduced. Hybrid modular robots with extensions, such as the system presented here, could see use in the areas of reconfigurable manufacturing, search and rescue, and space exploration.


Lattice Structures

Below is an image showing how 2 module HyMod metamodules can form a 4x4x4 cubic lattice structure. The image uses 1/3 models of HyMod, with the same degrees of freedom and number of connectors.


Robot Experiments

Driving Experiment:

A single HyMod unit driving in a straight line for a distance of 2m.

Lifting Experiment:

A single HyMod unit lifting a mass holder weighing 520g.

A single HyMod unit lifting a 520g mass holder and an additional 600g.

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