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Self-Organised Aggregation without Computation

Occlusion-based cooperative transport with a swarm of miniature mobile robots

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  • 2018-07: Federico Pratissoli (MSc student of Lorenzo Sabattini) joins as a visitor to work with Kilobots
  • 2018-06: Isaac's paper on re-establishing communication has been accepted at IROS 2018
  • 2018-06: N8 AgriFood funding awarded (Swarm robotics - revolutionising precision agriculture; led by Univ York)
  • 2018-05: Roderich serves as member of the program committe for NIPS 2018
  • 2018-03: Isaac is joining iRobot for a short-term research study
  • 2018-02: Leonardo Stello joins as a PhD student working on consensus (with Dario Bauso)
  • 2018-01: Anil's paper Finding Consensus Without Computation will appear in IEEE RA-L
  • 2017-12: Gabriel successfully defended his PhD dissertation.
  • 2017-11: Roderich serves as member of the program committe for RSS 2018
  • 2017-11: Roderich gives a talk at University of Southampton
  • 2017-10: Matthew Hall joins the group to work on the HyMod modular robot
  • 2017-09: Roderich serves as member of the senior program committee for AAMAS 2018

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